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Remedy2 https://www.remedy2.co.uk Records Mon, 03 Feb 2020 20:01:28 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.4.6 https://www.remedy2.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/cropped-Untitled-1-1-32x32.png Remedy2 https://www.remedy2.co.uk 32 32 Real Or Not? https://www.remedy2.co.uk/real-or-not/ Mon, 03 Feb 2020 20:01:25 +0000 https://www.remedy2.co.uk/?p=1939 Remedy2 Subconscious Records is Spiritual Playlists course Meditation Label.  We tackle mental health and work closely with clients to help script and visualise how they want their life to be. New Agers argue that we are living in exciting times where the vibration of the planet is rising, people all over the world are having a spiritual awakening. Religious people/Christian argue that this is not the case as the new age movement has been around ever since the begging and has been repackaged up and sold as demonic practices.

We provide people with an extra boost to help navigate these murky waters of infinite possibilities. New agers work with Crystals do this by working with frequencies that heal. ‘’Nikola Tesla once said if you wanted to understand the universe think in terms of energy frequency and vibration.’’ But then others argue it can only be attained through God.

Our music’s goal is to raise the energy frequency and vibration of our clients in the correct way with words (The Word Of God) maybe, either way, we didn’t want to discriminate Christianity as it had been the backbone of civilisation and Jordan Peterson argues its case strongly.

The American federation of music received a large donation from the Rockefellers back in 1951 to change the frequency from 432hz to 440hz. This 8hz difference is baffling in the effects it can have on the conscious and subconscious mind! 440hz can cause people to paranoia and many other problems unknown to a science yet. Even 6.6hz can make people depressed. These views have come into scientific play because armed forces have been using specific frequencies to jam their enemy radars.

We undo all these negative programs that may have been stored into the subconscious by working with the conscious. We are not a religious group and don’t want to force any religious views, We believe all-region share similarities. We believe it is ignorant of us to just pick and believe in a specific religion without doing more thorough research. Due to changes forged over time in biblical texts, we can see many translations, making it distracting and hard to pick a religion and truly know which one is the truth, or if any.  Either way, there are ethical morals that can help us navigate this chaos we call life. Helping us have morals and dealing with suffering.

What we can be sure about is that many religions express the same teachings. All in all, every religion seems to be an introduction to spiritual practices, for instance when people pray they are essentially just meditating. People believe in Positive energy (God) this is love frequency where we take care of ourselves, plant seeds and think long term to see a brighter future by trusting our journey by sacrificing our sort-term wants in return to see a better investment long-term (this is called the grind)
Negative energy (devil/shaitan) can lead us into temptation, quick fixes and instant gratification focus more on money, job, houses, university instead of seeing our true purpose and prioritising what really matters to us. Christians argue that new agers work closely with each specific chakra and try to say you should allow the snake to flow called Kundalini(which in Christian terms is the serpent devil). We want to cater to everyone so we used different sounds resonate, with emotions and thoughts. Based on years of research and practice, we provide a product and a system that helps create a life you would like to build for yourself through the word of God.

After all, when we learnt to spell with words, we possess the skills to cast a spell with frequencies to manifest things into our life, which is where Christians will say that we should be harnessing the power of Gods words instead of deviating. New agers claim to harness this saying slogan such as “We are what we spend all day thinking about” Christian’s argue that this witchcraft) Our specially designed music will change and challenge the way you view the world, allowing you to bring more abundance. Using music in a way that attaches emotions to those visuals and thoughts.

There is a lot of bad connotation towards NewAge type of work within the Christian community, they believe that this stuff is demonic, alongside with yoga “warning is advised” my question to a lot of people before you dive deep or deeper to into spirituality check out on YouTube Jordan Peterson bible series, Steven Bancarz, Josh Peck and Marcus Rogers to make your best judgement. A lot of people knock the bible but have never actually picked it up and studied it for themselves. To the followers of Remedy2, our Christian brothers and sisters believe that when you astral project you may open up portals to demonic activity, and expose yourself to possession.

Now a lot of people believe in ghost, but what are Ghost? Bad entities that never manage to find peace and walk the earth, so in order for there to be bad, there has to be good right? Christians argue how on earth someone can believe in Ghost but not God. New Agers also believe in spirit guides which Christians argue to be Satan minions who come as an angel of light. We hope you find what you’re searching for, as the new age movement isn’t new, and has been around ever since the begging and has been repackaged up and sold, with the potential to be really dangerous. Maybe just maybe if you’re deep in new age already this could be a warning to you to call on Jesus which will lead you to God (as the Christian like to say) either way we don’t know nothing? But Warning is advised, so before you carry on the new age, if this turn out to be true you heard it from Remedy2 first. Either way, this is all mysticism so what do we know we haven’t fully studied to show our self-approved but we will continue to provide you great mystical content and prove ourselves through this music channel  
Dormant Business to business

Want help to quit smoking try our subconscious music meditation songs, email remedy2meditation@gmail.com. We will evaluate your request and see if this is the right product for you. We don’t sell anything our clients are not ready for, once you receive the free trial audio and like the product – we will send you a series of what we call dosages. We want you to visualise yourself happily, not smoking and truly believing in it, so it works like a placebo. We have already helped one client quit smoking, who was a smoker of 8 years. We are still new in the development of this product so we will provide a free consultation call to discuss your needs.
With true intent behind your beliefs, while listening to these music products, they have the potential to heal any ailment. We will guide you through this with the best possible outcome of success.

Nothing happens without action. So, act now (when you are ready) we don’t want to rush anyone, this isn’t a sleazy sales pitch (we truly care about our clients) so email us whenever and we will be happy to help. We are a community that loves to change people’s lives. Give us an email and we will tell you if this is the right course for you. With a free consultation over the phone. 07933596714

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Remedy2 Economics https://www.remedy2.co.uk/remedy2-economics/ Sun, 08 Dec 2019 16:04:07 +0000 https://www.remedy2.co.uk/?p=959 “The capitalist economic system delivers widespread improvements in living standards.”

The purpose of this paper is to look at arguments for and against the capitalist economic system. An economic system is a way a country or nation chooses to allocate its resources, Capitalism is only one type of these economic systems that immersed in the 1700 hundreds. We will be viewing this through multiple lenses of good and bad examples of how Capitalism works. Which should allow us to better understand whether or not it delivers widespread improvements in living standards. 

Capitalism is the production of goods and services and private ownership of those Institutions. For example, the 4 social constructs of capitalism are institutions, Private Property, Markets and Firms. Essentially it tells us how money moves to provide a profit.

Core-Econ capitalism has revolutionized the way we live, and economics attempts to understand this. From figure 1.1 We can see that at the beginning of the graph that it was pretty much stagnating, until the 1700 hundreds, the reason why Britain did so well was because of the industrial revolution. 

Some believe capitalism is all about efficiency, in the industrial revolution Joyce Appleby talks about how it is an economic system that relies on investment capital in machines and technology is used to increase production and marketable goods.

Culturally our ancestors have built a world system of capitalism as private investors had a need to turn a profit. It was a lot riskier back then per se when capitalism started. For example, A ship that transported goods. A Capitalist would need money in the first place to invest in 10 ships hoping that 6 will make it across the seas to make a profit. This is because of risk spreading as ships could be hijacked pirates or sink in storms.

Image result for capitalism graphs

Why have some countries done better with capitalism and others haven’t? The widespread reaches of more advanced versions of capitalism could be the state of a country’s health care, education and basic living standards. Living standards relate to the quality of life. What jobs and opportunities are available for people indicates the widespread improvements possible? As well as the Indication of the level of wealth, comfort, material goods, necessities available to geographical areas and social classes. A good indicator to measure these factors is Gross Domestic Product (GDP) the total value of goods and services produced in a country during one year.

Another problem with capitalism is the income inequality 90/10 scale. Which is where 10% of the people have 90% of the world’s wealth, and 90% of the world’s wealth is only owned by 10% of the world’s wealth.

On the other hand, the state of a countries political stability can also affect how efficient capitalism operates and the widespread reaches of living standards. This is because any corruption in government, can affect how capitalism works from the rules and regulations of doing business, these are the barriers to entry of doing business in lined with risk. It’s especially concerning when the government in certain countries may have monopolies over the institutions, firms, private property and markets. Or in worst case scenarios have the power to takeover and intercept businesses. Which might mean some countries didn’t have the right nutrients to flourish properly, which could be why there is a difference in GDP in graph 1.1.

For example, Russia is an economic market where the power and resources are only available to the select few. Other examples such as Africa, the middle east and parts of America are also affected by corruption. Any state-guided economy means that the state controls the resources, which means they also control the means of production.

Some people believe that the widespread improvement cannot take place because the capitalist economy exploits workers Karl Marx. Other people will argue that Religious freedoms can also affect the validity of widespread growth.

Augustie Blanq criticises, capitalism because he believed it could only be over thrown by violence by the working class in the Fence revolution. Much like today, people argue capitalism takes advantage of workers. Because people need jobs from the class of people who may have a monopoly on the instruments of production. Yes, they may pay their workers, but this could be the bare minimum for them to turn a profit and keep the business running. The problem with this is workers who speak out, can easily be fired and replaced. Thus, a cycle for a worker finds another job, who may treat them the same. Widespread reaches of these factors could indicate other counties doing better than others. This is because the more a company’s cares about their workers, the more they allow the widespread of opportunity for that worker, therefore better-living standards. This will depend on the protocols of human’s rights; some countries still practice slavery. Meaning there is a bit of luck to the widespread reaches of capitalism benefitting a life, this will all depend on where someone is born.

Evidence data of capitalism outperforming planned markets, A real-life event we can use to compare the difference between Capitalism and Communism which is another form of an economic system. The Economic battle between West Germany (Capitalism) and East Germany (Communism).

In the east a planned economy proposed by Starlin called Comicon. Millions of people travelled from East German because thing got so bad. The Capitalist west German economy however was booming, people from the east were traveling to the west in search of a better life. Stalin then proposed a wall to separate the east from the west which was agreed. To prove that his planned Communist economy would be better. This ended so badly that people were starving and resources were scares.

Image result for capitalism graphs capitalism and communism WEST Germany and east

Germanies planned and the unplanned economy is great examples of the extreme validity of wide-reaching benefits of capitalism because people in the west were better off.

The German model was crazy dividing a country separating communising and capitalism to a point where people were panicking risking their lives to jump the Berlin wall.

Image result for capitalism graphs capitalism and communism WEST Germany and east

The historical introduction of capitalism hockey stick 

Figure 1.1

History’s hockey stick
: Gross domestic product per capita in five countries (1000–2015)

Pre-capitalism we can see there is no growth in GDP, the graph stays pretty much stagnant until the 1800. Over time historically we can see a shift. A theory proposed by Thomas Malthus 1798 on slow population growth theory, the Malthusian theory, where he talks about the cycle of misery.

He believed that humans were capable of doubling in population size every 25 years, when the population was around 1 billion. This would have a negative effect because the land available to people were finite and at best could only provide an arithmetic production increase in the quantity available to the total population. Meaning that people would live a more desperate life as there would be an increasing demand in food, which meant prices would rise. But his lack of imagination didn’t perceive the industrial revolution which drove living standards as people could specialise, in industrial revolution. Another interesting fact was while this argument was being made the Chinese found a way to fertilise their crops which meant they could produce twice as much food within the year. 7 billion people later we are still finding way to produce enough food. 

Related image
Image result for malthusian theory

The theory of why Capitatim drive technological progress is because of specialisation. When firms specialise in their products and industry, they drive competition as they are more knowledgeable about their products, can produce those goods and services at a cheaper rate through scales of economy. Some people argue that private ownership of these firms can produce a monopoly effect as they drive out smaller firms as they cannot produce as much profit. This will then drive the living standard as firms sell a product to the consumer for the cheapest price.  

This mean firms will be very much more that before the industrial revolution where homes were expected to be self-sufficient to make their own clothes, food etc the industrial revolutions allow them to produce more goods in less time meaning people had more. because before the industrial revolution people were expected to produce their own goods

From the graph 1.1, we can see that living standard has exploded why has this fostered growth in living start what is it about the 4 socials

People started learning about science historical enlightenment. And technological progress

Capitalism privately owns firms, customers, property technology and markets and they drive innovation because of commission. specialisation houses used to make their own everything cloths food, but firms can specialise.

The widespread reaches of capitalism allowed the industrial revolution to have more Health care because people were eating healthier because they were producing more of everything. they had mire cloths to were  

Specialisation which is where people have different skills in the world. We know this because so many people are different, for example. There are entrepreneurs, scientist, politicians, philosophers, artist etc. Others politically, racially accepted, finically better off this gives us all a Comparative advantage which is when you specialise in a certain activity.

Economically Capitalism is as a system that allows private ownerships of resources and promotes competitive markets. People and companies are motivated by self-interest for example for a company to sell a product to you, they have to earn your trust by buying something that you want and that they can sell. Meaning both buyer and seller are motivated by self-interest.

Capitalism has its drawbacks because it tends to focus on consumption, the excessive production of capitalism can be seen all around us, this consumption comes at a cost because it drains the natural resources available. As well as this it also pollutes our minds. Capitalism is said to have shackled the human race in a culturally confined lifestyle. People are forced to comply with the rules and navigate through systems they might find stressful. This is because of companies may take advantage of their customers. There have been many cases where people believe that capitalism is closes linked to widespread depression.  Meritocracy is the process our society tells us, that everyone that works hard will make it, with enough hard work and talent. The problem here is that everyone who doesn’t will start to perceive them self’s as a failure because of the expectation’s society tells us.

Image result for bad side to capitalism environment 2019 graphs

In conclusion we can see that the validity of widespread improvements in living standards effected by capitalism can be effective by many factors. These include education, health, care, where your born and the opportunities available to you.

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