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Remedy2 Records is an Events management group who sign artist and provide venue bookingsystem designed to show case our artist work at 3 selected venues. It’s started and was brought to you by the students themselves. Rigging DJ’s to Sound system Culture in Brighton, bringing together the names of Varndean, Bhasvic, City, Brighton and Sussex. When we talk about bass music, we mean, Bass music. The sounds that gets you trembling for more. This wasn’t a place of commercial tears; Now Student are coming to Remedy2 for a fun night out.

Remedy2 Subconscious Records

email. Remedy2sunconciousrecords.com

The future is now- We are making something I would buy myself.

How can I create more value for my clients? For more information – Email us a line here if there is anything you think this course needs added @ Remedy2.info.ideas@gmail.com

Remedy2 Subconscious Recordsis Spiritual Playlists course Meditation Label.  We tackle mental health and work closely with clients to help script and visualise how they want their life to be. We are living in exciting times where the vibration of the planet is rising, people all over the world are having a spiritual awakening. We provide people with an extra boost to help navigate these waters of infinite possibilities. We do this by working with frequencies that heal. ‘’Nikola Tesla once said if you wanted to understand the universe think in terms of energy frequency and vibration.’’

Our music’s goal is to raise the energy frequency and vibration of our clients with words, a hassle freeway course dedicated and personalised for each client.

 The American federation of music received a large donation from the Rockefellers back in 1951 to change the frequency from 432hz to 440hz. This 8hz difference is baffling in the effects it can have on the conscious and subconscious mind! 440hz can cause people to paranoia and many other problems unknown to a science yet. Even 6.6hz can make people depressed.

These views have come into scientific play because armed forces have been using specific frequencies to jam their enemy radars. We undo all these negative programs that may have been stored into the subconscious by working with the conscious.

We are not a religious group and don’t want to force any religious views. We believe all-region share similarities. We believe it is ignorant of us to just pick and believe in a specific religion due to changes forged over time in biblical texts. Making it distracting and hard to pick a religion and truly know which one is the truth.

But what we can be sure on is that many religions express the same teachings.All in all every religion seems to be an introduction to spiritual practices, for instance when people pray they are just meditating. We believe in Positive energy (god) this is love frequency where we take care of ourselves, plant seeds and think long term to see a brighter future by trusting our journey.

 Negative energy (devil/shaitan) can lead us into temptation, quick fixes and instant gratification focus more of money, job, houses, university instead of seeing what our true purpose is and prioritising what really matters to us.

 We do this by working closely with each specific chakra and how different sounds resonate, with emotions and thoughts. By taking away years of research and practice we provide a product and a system that helps create a life you would like to build for yourself.

 After all, when we learnt to spell with words, we possess the skills to cast a spell with frequencies to manifest things into our life. We take advantage of this and harness it for our client’s benefit. Provided that we attach emotions to those visuals and thoughts. We are what we spend all day thinking about. Our specially designed course will change and challenge the way you view the world allowing you to bring more abundance.

Nothing happens without action. So, act now (when you are ready) we don’t want to rush anyone, this isn’t a sleazy sales pitch (we truly care about our clients) so email us whenever and we will be happy to help. We are a community that loves to change people’s lives, give us an email and we will tell you if this is the right course for you. With a free consultation over the phone. 07933596714

With true intent behind your beliefs while listening to these music products, have the potential to heal any ailment.We will guide you through this with the best possible outcome of success.


Packages sold

Soloer: £25 online music, meditation audio crash course

Hatchling: £100 Online workshop lessons on facetime skype

Hatched: £500 1to1 face to face meetings where we will help script things in motion alongside with our specifically designed music therapy/mediation sessions and a free shiatsu massage.

Premium: £2000 – £2500 discount codes available for second time clients. 5 day adventure of a lifetime; client retreat abroad, connecting into nature, natural beauty grounding back to mother nature in Bali: includes Music therapy, meditation mindfulness, free shiatsu massages with a fully trained licenced practitioner who teaches mindfulness and is also a community nurse.


Email at Remedy2


  • Neuroplasticity
  • Lucid Dreaming training
  • Pineal Gland secrets
  • Quantum physics
  • Astral projection
  • Source energy eating healing
  • Eating through your senses


Remedy2 Meditation

Remedy2 meditation is a remedy too meditation, creating an understanding of concepts that allow higher consciousness in the name of the highest authority we like to refer to as the universe. We do this as we like to work with Christians individual, who challenge our beliefs as demonic this system music of meditation is about love.

Want help to quit smoking try our subconscious music meditation songs, email remedy2meditation@gmail.com, We will evaluate your request and see if this is the right product for you? We don’t sell anything our clients are not ready for but once you receive the free trial audio and like the product – we send you a series of what we call dosages. We want you to visualise yourself happy that you don’t smoke and truly believe it, so it works like a placebo. We have already helped one client quit smoking, who was a smoker of 8 years. We are still new in the development of this product so we will provide a free consultation call to discuss your needs.